Horizon is a SkyWing owned by Arctic_Wish/Owlz in minecraft. She is a SkyWing attending Jade Mountain Academy in the Jade Winglet.


Horizon is usually described as 'elegant', as most SkyWings are. She is pale red with a deep amber underbelly and underside of her wings. Her eyes are amber, and her wings are large to help her fly swiftly.


Horizon is usually very self-absorbed. She picks on the weakest attendees in Jade Mountain Academy, and has a fierce attitude when they fight back. She takes joy in writing scrolls about her tribe, and their highest points. Some students feel this is annoying and rude. Horizon can also be very grumpy and dissatisfied.


  • Horizon had a lesbian crush once, but it passed swiftly
Blind and weak by nuclearvulpix-db7ka4l

The picture to the right was created by NuclearVulpix, showing Horizon bullying another Jade Mountain Academy character, Spirit Song.