N3bbyGetInTheBag is the Owner of Moonlit Echoes. Her nickname is Howl.


Howl had always wanted to make a successful roleplay server with warrior cats. She also added Wings of Fie because she loves that series, as well as some diversity.

Originally, Howl made Moonlit Echoes as kind of a fake server, where she would go on and create fake IGNs and use /ping to create fake chat. Eventually, after talking with Animals, she decided to make the server a legitimate one on December 27th, 2016.

Staff House

Howl's staff house is a glass dome surrounded by water. Her house has the most signs. She has her main wall, a ladder on the far left side displaying her main OCs from her fandoms, and a room of her opinions towards the rightmost corner. You will also find information about social media and her other accounts on the right side as well.


  • Howl is also the creator of the Jade Winglet squad with Mimi, Animals, and Moon. They're considering adding more people...
  • Howl's current Minecraft skin is Happy from Fairy Tail
  • Howl is aromantic and asexual. She has high pride and love for LGBTQ+
  • She has lots of accounts on websites. Her three most important ones are, deviantArt, and YouTube
  • Howl loves writing. She writes fanfictions often and wants to be an author
  • She has hade two name changes as of her time on the server. She started out as Nuclearr_, then changed her name to _Star_Dream around April 2017, and is now N3bbyGetInTheBag as of June 2017