Jade Mountain Academy is a school for Wings of Fire. There are 5 winglets, and there is one dragon per tribe in each.

Jade Winglet

The Jade Winglet is one of the five winglets in Jade Mountain Academy.

SandWing: Princess Scorch (AnimalsRule17

MudWing: Clover (hugbug2k17)

SkyWing: Horizon (Arctic_Wish)

SeaWing: Siren (IAmYourTrashCan)

IceWing: Princess Husky (N3bbyGetInTheBag)

RainWing: Bamboo (Tentapet)

NightWing: Fallout (Moonceptiom)

Major Jade Winglet Plots:

  • Husky and Scorch's arrival

Gold Winglet

SandWing: Sanddrift (StatefarmEatsEaz)

MudWing: N/A

SkyWing: Desire (AnimalsRule17)

SeaWing: N/A

IceWing: N/A

RainWing: N/A

NightWing: Duskwatcher (Wintelian)

Major Gold Winglet Plots:

  • N/A

Silver Winglet

SandWing: Crested (Tentapet)

MudWing: N/A

SkyWing: Dawn (_Mystic_Phoenix_)

SeaWing: Marine (N3bbyGetInTheBag)

IceWing: Seal (Nightgaze)

RainWing: Anaconda (IAmYourTrashCan)

NightWing: Withergaze (Arctic_Wish)

Major Silver Winglet Plots:

  • N/A

Copper Winglet

SandWing: Euphrates (0_NightWing_0)

MudWing: Heronbeak (StatefarmEatsEaz)

SkyWing: N/A

SeaWing: N/A

IceWing: N/A

RainWing: N/A

NightWing: N/A

Major Copper Winglet Plots:

  • N/A

Quartz Winglet

SandWing: N/A

MudWing: N/A

SkyWing: Boulder (OutcatMapleshade)

SeaWing: Flashflood (AnimalsRule17)

IceWing: Andesine (_Mystic_Phoenix_)

RainWing: Eucalyptus (StatefarmEatsEaz)

NightWing: Starseer (LilFoxay)

Major Quartz Winglet Plots:

  • N/A