TrashCalledOwlz is a Moderator of Moonlit Echoes. Her nickname is Owlz.


Owlz started roleplaying on Warrior Cats servers as soon as she got her better laptop: December of 2014. She loved Warrior Cats, and joined a popular server immediately. Her first original character was "Lilacpool" of the Warrior Cats fandom.

After a few months of being on this server, she earned a Trusted rank. After this, Owlz wanted to meet more people and expand her characters. So, she joined yet more servers, which she did not earn staff on.

A friend of hers' gave her an IP of his server, which was brand new. Here, she earned Admin, and all of her staff ranks started slowly boosting as she gained more experience.

Staff House

Owlz's staff house is a cave labeled "A Wild Owlz's Cave". Inside, it has a small water pool inside, and parts of the wall have signs bearing information about her, random information, social media (to which she has none, this is used as a joke), a "Wall O' Ships", and her Wings of Fire OC's.


  • Owlz writes for pleasure, and can write quite a bit if given the chance
  • Owlz is aromantic (Aro) and asexual (Ace), and supports LGBTQ+
  • Being referred to as "Trash" is simply a joke to Owlz, and she sometimes refers to herself as "Trash"